Scam Artist Creates fake e-filing account in real lawyer’s name

And yes, they made off with $130,000.  Identity thieves targeted at least one unsuspecting Florida lawyer with a brazen new scamand walked awaywith over $130,000.  Shannell Schuyler, director of ACAP/Intake at The Florida Bar, said the Bar recently received a compliant against an attorney when surplus money from a foreclosure action didn’t make its way to the rightful owner.  But the young lawyer targeted in the Bar complaint wasn’t even involved in the case.  Turns out someone misappropriated the real lawyer’s name and created a fictitious firm and registered that fake firm with the state, Schuyler said the fraudulent firm bearing the real lawyer’s name included an address across the state from where the real lawyer practices.  The scam artist opened an e-filing account through the statewide portal using the real lawyer’s name and Bar number.  Your thoughts when something like this happens?  You should think about consulting with a competent divorce attorney clearwater fl?  Or how about a Family lawyer in Florida?  Don’t forget to remember, that lawyers are only a phone call away, or even an e-mail away!